Advice 1: Than to grease the wheels on the pram

Stroller can last for a long time, if you regularly inspect it to check for possible problems. An ungreased wheel on time can deliver many unpleasant minutes rudrasen scratch.
Than to grease the wheels on the pram
Born a little person requires a large amount of things. That and diapers, undershirts, and accessories in order to bathe and swaddle the baby, and of course stroller. It can be called indispensable in the education of the child: seated in a wheelchair, it is easy to look at the world or just to sleep during a walk.
Sleep in the fresh air for a child is very helpful, and caring parents will strive to provide all conditions for this.

How to provide a wheelchair for a long life

To stroller have served longer, and would look not worse than new, it will need a lot of care. It is best to get used to combine daily care with the Commission for the prevention once a month. Items should be washed as pollution, textile items to be washed, regularly inspect the mounts and the main thing – to handle the wheel. Needs to be oiled all the moving elements, the ends of the wheel axles, bearings. If you do not pay enough attention to the wheels will be very unpleasant creak, and the sound will give the child how to sleep.

What better to grease the wheels of the wheelchairs? It depends on what material they are made. Modern strollers almost all come with wheels made of plastic, but not all bushings are made of metal.

What grease for the wheels it is better to use

It is recommended to choose a thick grease is the best LITOL, ciatim, you can use the grease. These compounds are well applied and quite long to go, in contrast to the usual industrial oil which is used for lubrication of door locks. Plastic, which is made of the wheels, this grease is not spoiled.
Thick elastic lubricant, and engine oil are considered the best option for lubrication is effectively, and safely, and for a long time.

It is very desirable before processing to remove the wheels from the axle, and the axle as it should be washed and dried. In extreme cases, you can do without it, that is just to drip oil a few times into the gap between the inner limiter and the wheel. But with this method of applying grease goes faster.

Almost all the wheels for strollers made of plastic, but the bushings in them are made of other materials. If the wheel has a metal sleeve, it better be removed, cleaned in kerosene or petrol and then lubricate.

When lubrication is necessary to ensure that the oil spreads evenly among the moving parts. When everything is ready, the excess must be removed with the help of cloth cloth, otherwise the oil can stain clothing. With conscientious attitude to regular maintenance of the wheelchair it will not only last longer, but and in its operation can not be afraid of unexpected problems. Typically, this is a minor trouble that can have quite unpleasant consequences, like release the latches of safety belts.

Advice 2: What if punctured wheel of a stroller?

At strollers with inflatable wheels will definitely have significant advantages and significant disadvantages, one of which - a puncture. This problem is quite common and unpleasant, and it always happens, unfortunately, at the wrong time!
What if punctured wheel of a stroller?

How and where to fix the wheel

If punctured wheel strollers, where you need to go on any tire where you can fix or replace the wheel. You can also go to this issue in a sports store there too easily eliminate your problem. If the sports shop are selling bikes, then surely they are the wheels of the stroller can help because it often happens that a stroller purchased the tires and cameras, from children's bicycles. It is desirable, of course, not in a wheelchair with a punctured wheel, except that the nearest point of repair.

You can still stick punctured the camera at home. Better doing that man, in a woman with a child and enough is enough. Take the problematic wheel, then remove the tire. Camera, immerse in a bowl of water and see where bubbles are coming - this is the puncture site. It can be glued, carefully put a patch from a small piece of the old camera. After you paste it into a strong glue, again, lower the camera into the water to make sure you fixed the camera quality. If punctures happen regularly, think about it, maybe you should change the tires, they tend to smachivaetsya. It is desirable, of course, to be careful and not to walk with the stroller on rough roads.

Be sure to purchase a pump. But not Cycling, you will not be able to pump wheel, and a small foot pump car. But if you purchased a bike, buy him a hose for automotive pump. The fact that from time to time, the wheels of the stroller are blown away and need to pump, if it is always to go on the tire or in a sports store, so it is possible to be ruined, because, of course, all these services are chargeable. By the way, put the pump in the tray of the stroller and carry it with you for a walk, if the wheel is pierced, it is possible to pump in order to at least to the point of repair drop off the stroller with no problems.

How to walk without the stroller

While the wheelchair is in repair, you can walk with your child, carrying him in a sling or backpack-carrying, it is also very convenient. Of course, the carriage of these innovations will not replace, but to sit at home while the wheelchair is in for repairs. The child needs to walk every day, so if you are an owner of stroller with inflatable wheels, postrequires and purchase a backpack carrier or sling, because no one is immune from the punctured wheel of the stroller. But the best puncture protection is a one-piece, light alloy wheel, Oh im sure nothing will happen!
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