Before Ironing the satin to preserve the appearance and durability of things wash them by hand only in cool water and rinse in the same fluid by applying a small amount of vinegar.
Do not twist, do not pull or wring the fabric. Just shake it and hang it on a hanger or lay in a horizontal position, away from the sun and batteries. Otherwise, no amount of Ironing will not help you to return the items original appearance.
Iron product, start with the area. Before that you need to check the fabric durability to the selected temperature mode. The best option for the Atlas is the temperature 150 degrees. It is desirable to use the position of the thermostat on the iron silk.
Ironed satin things lightly nedomansky. This should be done either from the inside or from the front, but using a damp cloth. For this you can use any cotton cloth, called protogenic. Such measures should be carried out to ensure that the fabric does not remain shiny trail (Lasy).