If you purchased the stroller Adamex, which cradles transformirovalsya in a sitting, for example, the model of Mars, you will not have any need to buy a replacement when the kid grows up. For even greater ease of use should know all the features of this wonderful means of transportation of the child. Usually the stroller Adamex consists of carrycot, chassis, seat unit, cushion feet, mosquito net, rain cover, manual and the bottom of the bag.
To fold the stroller Adamex, you must first remove the cradle. It is desirable to remove from her child. Although the device of the stroller a block pivoted top and your baby is unlikely to fall, even if you release it, it is better to refrain from such sharp falls in relation to the baby. With two parties press the little red button with his index fingers, and large immediately push the levers away from themselves. Cradle "Adamex" she will come out of the front slots. From the back you just take out for yourself, because they represent a gap in the plastic rails.
Please note that the top bassinet can be fully folded if you click on both side large round button and push down on the roof myself. To return it to its original position just straighten the roof until it clicks and squeezing the buttons on both sides. Handle height is adjustable. It can be fixed in several positions depending on the growth carrying the stroller Adamex. Cape on legs is fastened with buttons on the sides and stretched in front of the cradle. On the roof there is a sun shade that just expands and develops. Cape strollers "Adamex" has an additional Board from the wind. In fine weather it can be fastened with buttons forward or to bend inward.
Now you just have to fold the chassis stroller Adamex. On the left side below the handle there is a lever which you need to ward off. Now pull the nozzle from both sides newer and fold the chassis so that the front wheels are turned 90 degrees and formed between the rear. Don't be afraid of putting more pressure on the frame, it should be locked. If necessary, you can remove the front wheel of the stroller "Adamex" at all. Their axes must be removed from the chassis, lifting the stroller and Tselkov wheel down. Then the wheels simply slide the axle into place.