Cases of leather or imitation leather can not be washed. Wipe them with a special spray or cleaning agent. Spray spray on the entire surface of the cover, let it act and then remove with a dry cloth. For stronger stains, use a creamy liquid medium. Apply the product on the cover and using a dry cloth in a circular motion spread it on all surfaces. Allow time to soak in and dry according to the instructions. Wipe off any excess cream from the surface. After cleaning the interior let it dry at least a day. It is better if the machine will be in a warm place, but not under direct sunlight. Otherwise, the cleanliness of the cabin added chemical smell.
Covers made of velour or cloth wash. To this end they should carefully remove the seats and inspect. If the case has an interior insert of foam rubber, washable. Because the foam in the wash will begin to crumble. If the case has a seal made of fabric, it can be washed.
If contamination is very strong, beginning to soak the covers in warm water with a tool, intended for delicate washing. Soaking is not suitable for velour or tapestry covers, which can sit.
After soaking wash covers in the washing machine. Select delicate washing and pour a liquid detergent. Better if the washing is no automatic extraction. After washing, remove the covers from the washer and wring them by hand. For drying, lay the cushion cover on a flat surface and let them dry naturally (not on battery). After the covers are dry, you can Pat them.
To cover less dirty, cover them with so-called "Mikey". "Mikey" are cloaks that cover the backrest and seat are fixed and do not move. They are very easy to remove, they are easy to wash and protect car covers are not only from dirt, but from wear.