Look for the store of sewing accessories or fabrics with special pincers for clothing rivets. When you purchase this tool, be aware that the kit should include: a nozzle which fits the diameter of your rivet and Sami tongs with lock. Before you put the rivet on clothes, you need to be done on the material of the hole should be slightly smaller than the base of the sewing accessories. Sharp razor blade, make a cruciform incision or puncture hole with a hot needle. All of these actions should be made very carefully, not forgetting about safety.
Put back the bottom part of the rivet holes and front – top. Carefully attach part of the clasp so that when riveted, they are not moved.
Cut from a soft plastic rectangular shape for better fixation riveting. You can also use a thick cover of school notebooks or books. The resulting rectangle fold in half. Then do it two holes for the front and lower parts of the rivet. Fix the accessories in "nests" and put the material previously scheduled for rivets place between this fixture.
Put into two parts, riveting small rubber pieces cut from strips for plumbers or worn old boots. You will have to put in enough effort when working with claws. Put them on the rivet and clamp the handle until it stops - should be heard a certain click. It is also possible to use improvised means, for example, hammer or regular pliers. For this case, the pieces of rubber you will need.
Please contact the Studio if you have failed to supply the rivet by yourself. Special worker for eyelets, buttons and other accessories will put you to your riveting. For his services will have to pay some money.