Why remake cuffs

There are occasions when very much liked the shirt and the man knows exactly what to wear it will be exclusively with cufflinks, but the cuff on the selected model button closures. Often, many young people have in their closet favorite shirt. In order to give it originality and make it more stylish, it is sufficient to change the usual buttons for beautiful cufflinks.
In the Studio in the shortest possible time to alter the shirt, making cuffs suitable for cufflinks.

To redo the cuffs so that they are fastened with cufflinks, simply. The process itself takes very little time. However, consider the fact that back to make a cuff appropriate for the front buttons no longer work. So think twice before you decide to remake the shirt.

How to alter cuffs

In order to cope with the problem of modernization of the cuffs, to stock up on scissors, matching thread, needle. First, carefully cut the cuff from both the old buttons. Then with a piece of soap and chalk mark the point of attachment of buttons to fabric.

Carefully remove all the old threads that are left in the tissues of the shirt. In the former site of attachment of the buttons mark the cut, the symmetric loop for the buttons on the opposite side of the cuff.

Carefully cut the cuff in place of markup, thus making a loop. Treat the edges with thread of suitable colors. As a result, the fabric will not be razmechtalsya, and the loop itself will look nice and neat.
To handle the loop manually, and using the serger.

About the cufflinks

Cufflinks — the accessory are quite expensive. Therefore, they distinguish its owner from the crowd, emphasizing his individuality and a subtle sense of style. Very important to know how to combine shirt and cufflinks, so that together they looked harmoniously and complement each other. Shirt with cufflinks looks very good with a business suit.

Before cufflinks were worn exclusively white shirts. Currently views have changed a little. Today few people are surprised the combination of unusual cufflinks and shirts with subtle or even bold print.

Cufflinks come in different sizes and various shapes. They can even be custom made with your initials or some kind of desirable characters.