You will need
  • - iron
  • newspaper;
  • - a sheet of white paper;
  • - big pot;
  • - water.
If you painted the fabric in the technique of hot batik, before the fixing of the dye, remove from the product wax. First you need to remove all the wax mechanically, that is, to shake, scrape and otkolupyvat. On a flat surface lay newspaper, in several layers. Put it on a cloth. On top of the product put another newspaper.
Iron the paper with an iron, it should move the wax from the cloth. Several times, change the sheets, until they exude wax. Now it is possible to fix the dye on the fabric.
If you used paint, you can create your own iron, you can iron the product after the dye is completely dry.
To fix dye vapor, after you finished painting the fabric, take a sheet of paper, the size is several inches longer products. Lay painted fabric on paper. Roll it into a roll. Try not to get folds. Then turn the roll "snail". Tying with string.
Pick up the pot (or other container) of a size that "snail" could fit in the top, not touching her cap and walls. Tie the bundle to the edges of the pan with a drawstring.
Pour into the container of water. Do this carefully, along the wall. The amount of water should be such that during boiling the product did not get a drop of water, otherwise it will have spots and stains.
Cover with a rug or blanket that will absorb the condensate, and then cover with the lid and put on fire. Superelite painted fabric and a half to two hours. Remove from heat and let water cool. Remove the wrapped in paper tissue. Remove paper. Rinse the product in warm water and then in cold. Dry and fix with an iron.
If you fix dyes on fabric in this way, the fabric can be washed. When you first rinse water colored, it is washed away do not soak the paint.