Advice 1: How to put a button on clothing

It would seem, what a trifle is to put a button on clothing. However, experienced seamstresses know how insidious this buckle. If you act carelessly, can damage the hardware, and a nice outfit. Learn how riveting the buttons yourself, or trust a professional sewing workshop.
How to put a button on clothing
You will need
  • Button 4 parts
  • Plastic device to install buttons
  • Pliers or a hammer
  • A piece of rubber (mains laying)
  • Heated steel spokes
  • Tongs for fastening with blind riots accessories
  • Press punch
Try attaching a button to clothing with the help of improvised means. To do this on the canvas in round hole of the desired diameter. Some mistresses use a hot knitting needle of steel. The hole should be slightly smaller than the base hardware. Then install it button. It consists of two reverse and a pair of outer decorative parts. Putting the right parts, put them on a piece of rubber (for example, sanitary gasket). This is necessary to protect the fittings from deformation. Then zakladyvaytes button, with the force compressing it with pliers.
Use the special tool to install the buttons onto the fabric. It is sold in stores tissue fittings in the kit with a set of shirt buttons. It's a simple device: a plastic "book" with two holes in rounded ends. Use it like this:

• select the details button in the hole "books";

• put a cloth between the reverse and the front fitting parts;

• press down the button with pliers or gently tap it with a hammer from both sides.
Buy special pliers for fastening with blind riots of buttons. They are sold in sets: they are ticks and tips for specific diameter buttons. Typically, these tools work like this:

• you squeeze the handle and remove the retainer;

• doing in tissue eye;

• insert into the button cap top;

• squeeze handle forceps until it stops.
Put the button to the garment using a press-forming punch for installation of sewing accessories. If you purchase a universal press, they can be further riveting and other accessories: eyelets, eyelets; covered buttons headbands, etc., Proceed according to instructions. You need to install on the press a suitable button head; to make a hole; to insert the button and turn the handle of the press clockwise. Button is pressed, no special effort to make this not necessary.
Cons of all these manual methods is a very powerful tool with which to push the hardware to the fabric. If you sew a lot, the press punch can be useful to have in your home. However, it is quite expensive, so you can go to the Studio. In some stores sewing accessories also offer to install with the help of such device with any button on the clothes at a fairly reasonable price.

Advice 2: How to set up a button on clothing

To sew the loose button may, perhaps, everyone. But what to do if you want to attach the button? The surest way to carry the thing in the Studio and trust it to professionals, because at home it requires a lot of effort, and if you have no experience installing them, it is likely that you'll damage the fabric or button.
How to set up a button on clothing
The button consists of four parts. Two of them are installed on the wrong side of the fabric, two on the front.
Select the location where you want to install the button and pierce a hole with a hole punch or a hot awl. The diameter of the hole will depend on the density of the material, but it must be slightly smaller than the diameter of a leg of a button. Typically, it is 2-4 mm. through the opening leg of the outer part of the button ("hat").
Put on leg on top of the cloth castle is the part of the button, which is spring. Put on both sides of parts a piece of cloth or rubber. This is necessary in order to avoid scratches and damage fittings.
Fasten button detail with a hammer or pinch them with pliers. Do the same with the second half details.
Useful advice
If you decided to handle yourself, use these tips and be patient, and as auxiliary tools, for example, a special device for setting the buttons (available at fabric stores), a forceps or pressure-with a punch. These devices are good because they can be used to establish not only buttons, but also other fittings such as eyelets or grommets. In addition, most of the tools included the buttons and the nozzle with the appropriate diameter. However, if all this was at hand, like a hammer or pliers.

Advice 3: How to put staves

For sewing and repair of clothes you may need for placing the riveting. Closure buttons-buttons in two parts (top and bottom) easy to use and is without wear for quite a long time. However, if you have never been faced with this item, sewing accessories, then definitely be well prepared to install it. For fastening with blind riots of the buttons on the fabric, you will need special tools, precision and accuracy. If you make a mistake, you can ruin the very riveting, and clothing.
How to put staves
You will need
  • Button;
  • a blade or needle;
  • - pliers for rivets (or pliers and a hammer);
  • - a piece of soft plastic;
  • - scissors;
  • - 2 piece rubber;
  • - professional press punch (optional).
Find in a fabric store and sewing accessories pliers for clothing rivets. Purchase check equipment: you will need a nozzle of suitable diameter for your riveting and themselves forceps with lock. To put the staves on the clothes need to be done on the canvas hole. It must be smaller than the base of sewing accessories. Make a cruciform incision with a sharp razor blade or carefully pierce a hole with a hot needle.
Insert the front part of the button in the holes on the top and its wrong side is on the bottom. You must attach part of the clasp gently as possible, so that when riveted, they are not shifted.
Cut a rectangular shape of soft plastic for better fixation of the parts of the rivet. For this suitable tight cover for books and school notebooks. Fold the resulting rectangle in half "book". Now it is necessary to cut two holes for the lower and inner parts of the rivet. Fix the accessories in "nests", place the fabric with the planned closure for the space between this simple device.
Put on both parts buttons pieces of rubber, for example, carved out of a leaky boot, or pads for sanitary installations. When dealing with ticks, you must make a strong effort, and you risk deforming the surface of the product.
Clench the rivet with pliers and squeeze to lock the handles – you should hear a distinctive click. You can also use the means at hand – the usual pliers, or hammer. In this case, the rubber seals may be a necessary condition for successful work.
Useful advice
If you put the staves on their own, you do not succeed, contact the Studio, where there is a special press punch buttons, grommets and other accessories. Can buy one in the store. Please act according to your instructions. In order to reinforce the buckle on the clothing, you will not need to make significant efforts.
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