Advice 1: How to remove with clothing magnet

The magnets attached on clothes at the store, in order to prevent possible theft of the product. When you purchase the cashier removes the tag with things with the help of special devices, but how high may be the surprise if the thing is unpacked at home, you find that the seller has inadvertently left the magnet on the clothes.

The magnet on the clothes can be in the most unexpected place
After recovering from the surprise, you'll ask yourself the classic question: "What can we do?" After all, the thing that comes with this "bonus", it is absolutely unusable. As corny as it may sound, but the best solution in this situation will be another trip to the store with the purchased thing and cash a check. The seller in this case he will remove the magnetic tag, and perhaps even apologize or offer a small bonus as compensation for the lost time.
The seller is obliged to remove a forgotten tag
But what to do if the item was bought on vacation and the magnet you were able to discover only at home, or for any other reason you are not able to return to a store you need. Of course, you can go to nearby stores and ask the sellers to enter into your position, but the chances that you will meet a little. First, it can be strictly prohibited by the internal regulations of the shop, secondly, the device for removing tags may not be suitable to your magnet, and efforts will be wasted. Do not try to break the magnet with a hammer or to influence him the other brute force. Inside the magnet may be an indelible paint, which you irrevocably spoil a thing.
Sometimes to go back to the store and have to act on your own risk
But there is a solution. You can try to remove the tag yourself, and all you will need is a strong magnet. Best for this purpose, suitable magnet, extracted from non-working hard drive. Broken disk, if necessary, can be purchased on the collapse or the radio for 50 rubles. Usually the magnet attached to the body, so the pen blade is thin but sturdy knife between the plate and the housing and apply some force. Separated the magnet will attach to the end of the convex portion of the tag, in most cases, the tag immediately can be removed without problems. If at first nothing happened, then invert the magnet and hold it close to the tag the other pole. Maybe the magnet does not have enough power, so you have to look stronger, but usually the above method works without any problems and delivered the thing for a couple of seconds to become usable for their intended purpose.
A strong magnet may help in solving the problem

Advice 2 : How to remove from clothing tag

Magnetic tags are attached to clothing at convenience stores to prevent theft of goods. As soon as you pay the selected item, the cashier removes the tag with a special device. However, there are situations when, trying the thing at home, you find a whole the magnetic tag on the clothes. Sometimes this happens because of the rush of the seller, inadvertently or just because clothing was attached two tags, only one of which was removed. How to remove it without damaging the fabric?
How to remove from clothing tag
Such a thing be impossible, the large magnet pulls and distorts the fabric. To store remove the tag using scissors, a screwdriver or nail file are also unlikely. Best option of action for removing tags from clothes – re-going to the store with the purchased thing and check. The cashier will easily remove the protective film and, most of all, apologize for the inconvenience.
If the same thing purchased in another city, check is not preserved or is not accessible at the right store, there is an option to visit the nearby shop to ask for help. However, due to the fact that you immediately suspected of theft, you'll probably deny this favor. This can be prohibited, according to the internal Charter of the store, and a device for removing labels may not be appropriate for your magnet.
To remove a tag yourself, you can use a very strong large magnet. The ideal option would be the magnet from the non-working computer's hard disk. Broken discs sold at radio for 50-100 R. attach the Magnet to the convex portion of the tag, not the flat side. Pull - tag from coming off. If she doesn't budge, turn the magnet to the other pole of the convex part of the magnetic "zaschitka". It may happen that one magnet is not enough, so it will have to strengthen the same magnet, and sometimes more than one. Then remove the stud remaining in the tissue. Thing you can wear.
These methods should only be applied to the bought and paid for the clothes. Do not attempt to remove the tag with things directly in the store. In all the major departments of work safety and installed hidden cameras.
Useful advice
Don't try to break a magnetic tag with a hammer or raskoldovat knife. Inside the magnet can be flooded with caustic paint that will instantly ruin the thing.
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