You will need
  • Eyelets
  • Sartorial meter
  • Pencil
  • Small scissors
  • Press punch
  • Eyelet punching tape
  • Iron
Buy in the Department woven accessories everything needed to install grommets for curtains. The grommet consists of two parts (front and back) that snapped together to lock. You can pick up a lining in the color of the curtains and the cornice, or, conversely, to make them focus. The amount of rings to choose from, options from 1.5 to 5 cm diameter of the inner circle. Buy self adhesive tape for eyelets: length equal to width of the curtain; and width of largest ring plus 2-3 cm Tape will record better than the grommets and will make the drape more accurate. Finally, you will need a press punch for eyelets or other rivets.
Reinforce the top edge of the curtain tape-adhesive. You can pre-prepare the curtains, treating its top edge. In this case, glue the ribbon close to the seam.
If the edge of the curtain fabric not processed, secure the tape:
• leave the top seam allowance for the hems, eyelet punching equal to the width of the tape plus 3 cm.
• Departing 1.5 cm, draw with a pencil a straight line.
• It lay in the ribbon and glue it with a hot iron.
• Fold the upper seam allowance and carefully Tutuila.
• Fold the edge of the curtains glued to the tape again and iron it with a hot iron.
Calculate the required number of grommets on the curtain. The optimal distance between them is 15-20 cm the creases will fall better. Mark the exact center of future openings. Total should have an even number of eyelets so that the two side edges of the curtains can be to move up to the window. Make sure that the grommet was not on the side seam.
Applying the rings to the marks, draw circles on the inner part and cut them out with sharp scissors. From that dot fall back by 1.5 cm Inner diameter of the lining should be more of the cornice, the curtains were moving freely in it.
Put down the back part of the grommet, up – front trim. Your accuracy will depend on the end result – the slightest mistake and the whole curtain will be spoiled. With a punch zakladyvaytes ring until you hear a light click. If you can successfully install the grommets yourself, your curtains will look neat and modern.