You will need
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - hammer;
  • - rubber Mat;
  • - metal ruler or other metal blade;
  • - hole punch.
Select the appropriate grommets. They can be made of different materials. As a rule, metal or plastic. The eyelets can be of different shape, colour and the diameter of the inner vent. The choice depends primarily on what material and for what purpose you are going to install them.
Make marks with a pencil and a ruler. Select the place of installation of the grommet.
Make a hole in the place of installation of the grommet. If you intend to place it near the edges of the paper to puncture the holes you can use a hole punch. Ensure that the diameter of the hole punches did not exceed the diameter of the cap of the grommet. If the size of the grommet is very small, make a hole with the knife, setting his sharp end in the center of the holes and turning a few times.
Carefully place the grommet in the hole so that his leg was on the wrong side, and the hat - from the front.
Choose a suitable instrument, which can flatten the stem of the grommet. As such a tool may serve, for example, a thick nail. Note that the thickness of the legs of the nail must be larger than the diameter of the leg of the grommet.
Put a rubber Mat on metal blade. Take the paper inserted into it with the grommet and place it on the canvas so that the leg of the grommet is facing up.
Insert the nail into the leg of the grommet perpendicular to the paper surface. Gently tap the nail with a hammer. If the leg diameter of the nail is not much larger than the diameter of the grommet and to completely flatten the foot this fails, turn the nail, set his hat on the grommet and complete the installation with a hammer.