Make an interview according to the principle of the font or color of the binding. This means that all the questions of the journalist or write a great answers from the font, or highlight them different from answers color.
Do not use both the distinctive things at the same time, especially if the interview involves two people, one asking and one answering.
If the parties to interview more than two people meet, tie it to the other text color if you use color markup and other fonts – if font. It also does not combine both types of separation lines.
If the interview is a small press conference, here, do the following: apply the font separation of replicas-issues for the questioner, and flowers divide replica-the answers of the respondents.
At the beginning of the interview always write a short author's introduction (the announcement) in order to "warm up" the reader and lead him to what the theme will be revealed in this interview.
Diversify interview all kinds of portrait descriptions responsible party. For example, a very good fit insertion type of "fun smile", "frown, hastily trimmed and smoothly without hanging tie" and the like. Relive boring text any noticed the subtleties.
At the end of the interview make a brief author's note, but as a certain conclusion. When writing the final notes stick to an objective position. If the interview was refuted or confirmed some data, facts or news, in the author's conclusion, they must select.
When you make an interview for the selection questions use a bold font slightly larger than, the font of the text which Express the usual. The text of the announcement and conclusion make the same font as the answers of the Respondent - this will create a certain style to your design.