You should prepare the document you want to Fax. Prints the text of the document, usually on A4 paper, but certain models of Fax machines support and minimum document size 128 mm 128 mm. Usually in devices that support this format, embedded controllers the size of the document. So, once the document is in the required format printed, inspect it thoroughly. The print quality of the text should be good enough to your destination to avoid problems with the parsing of the text. If after printing on the paper smeared ink, it is better to use the services of the printer again.
To insert a document prepared to be sent to Fax, open the tray of the document. In most models it is in the back of the machine. Insert the paper should face down. If necessary, the departure of several sheets, depending on the model of the Fax sequence of actions may vary. There are Fax machines that support bulk e – this means that the feeder tray of a document can be inserted, usually up to 10 pages. If the machine does not support this operation, the leaves have to be inserted alternately. After the document is inserted in the Fax, there should be a single beep to occur and the seizure of the document.
Dial the number of your recipient. When the other end picks up, introduce yourself and ask to receive a Fax. Most often the common word for sending a Fax, the word "Start", then you and your recipient click on the "Start" button, and the Fax starts to go. While the Fax is not sent until the end, don't hang up. If the recipient Fax operates in automatic mode, then dial the number, wait for the tone of the Fax, and then press "Start".
After the document is sent, click the "Communication", or call back at another number, if the recipient is a machine, and ask successfully passed a Fax machine, no blurred text. In the case of receipt by the addressee of the document in bad quality - retry the operation again.