To begin with, that to pass sessionif you do not know absolutely nothing, is impossible. Even if the mind has no knowledge of the subject as such, some elementary skills of the student must be present. If you don't know absolutely nothing surprising at all that you learn in University. However, if you are interested in the question of how to deal with a session when the head is empty, then for you it is probably the first session, otherwise all these issues would disappear by themselves.
So, first you need to learn to write. It is a science. To cheat with cheat sheets, can be directly from the textbook, can be notebooks, where lectures are recorded, from a friend, the teacher from the piece of paper where written answers. The presence or absence of these features will depend upon the specific situation, but if learning is not at all reluctant, it is best to start practicing from the beginning of the school year or already at school. It is very important practice. You have to overcome fear. Carries only the brave. But no matter how you were brave and fearless, remember: easier to write from their own brains.
Unable to prepare "bombs" all the exam papers. The bomb works like this: you pull a ticket and when you start to prepare, just get a piece of paper with pre-written answer. Here, however, can occur purely technical problem: where to hide this sheaf of paper, if you have, for example, issues fifty or sixty? And then quietly pull, very crisp, and (God forbid) crispy leaf? Therefore, to resort to this method without fear, you need to develop the dexterity of hands and raise a lot of chutzpah.
Now nobody will be surprised by the earpieces and touch phones. For headphones your best friend will always be happy to dictate a response to a random question. The advantage of touchscreen phones is that there is no need to press buttons that often make characteristic and quite unmistakable sound. But if you decide to use such spy gadgets to have a skill that can be described as: the ability not "to be scorched". Many people can not be without, not to drop on the Desk, the earphone and loud to Express my surprise about this, or will forget to put on silent mode your fancy phone.
As you can see, to pass sessionif you do not know nothing is impossible. You need to show all their skill, ingenuity and knowledge of the basic techniques of conspiracy. So before to be perverted and invent a roundabout way, consider this: isn't it easier to start on time and not to bring up the fact that on the eve of session you have in mind, as in the desert, the wind and no hint of a solid education?