Current legislation provides for all three forms provide housing for the needy servicemen and military pensioners. In particular, such persons can obtain permanent housing in the property in the houses erected for the needs of the Ministry of defense, to premises under the contract of social hiring, or to apply for housing subsidies. A military retiree can use one of these forms of housing by choice under condition of its registration statement as needing a residential area. Housing subsidy is a lump-sum cash payment, which has targeted the purchase of houses, apartments or multiple dwellings.

Where to go for registration of subsidies?

The provision of housing for military personnel, military retirees is handled by a special unit of the Ministry of defense called the Department of housing. It is in the territorial authority specified Department should be contacted for use of one of the forms of housing, including a housing subsidy. Subject to the provision of all necessary documents military retiree is included in a special register, after which in order of priority, he will be given a housing certificate, giving the right to the use of housing subsidies. The specified certificate can be used independently, add to it the personal funds of the parent capital or mortgage loan. The amount of payment is determined individually, depending on the region in which the housing is acquired, the number of family members of the military retiree, his military rank.

What documents are required for processing grants?

The list of documents that will be required to collect and present military pensioners to receive housing subsidies or the use of different forms of provision of premises that are listed on the official website of the Ministry of defence. The above list includes the documents proving the identity of the pensioner, his family members, documents on the conclusion, dissolution of marriage, information about the availability of other premises in the ownership or hiring, the documents confirming the rights to additional guarantees in terms of housing. While a military retiree may choose the place of purchase of housing by means of subsidies, the appearance of the dwelling (house or apartment).