You will need
  • - the paper stack is
  • - carpal expander
Exercise on the knuckles every day, resting on a hard surface. This will contribute to initial training of your knuckles to the hardening of bone mass and prepare your fist to reflex grip in a position that maximizes damage.
Use a carpal expander. Rubber ring fits best, is the cheapest tool to develop grip strength. When the knuckles strength of the grip determines how the compression force of the fist and the absence of injuries during intense training and practical application. The harder you squeeze the hand, the less harm is the brush and the less the likelihood of damage to the bones phalanges and ligament in severe impacts.
Take a stack of paper or a bundle of old Newspapers, the thickness of the stack should be about ten inches. Clip this pile on the wall in a special pocket. In this model the stack straight punches, alternating right and left hand, working on 90% of the maximum force of the blow and every day put on piece.