Manufacturing technology certificates simple, despite the fact that to forge a modern identity is difficult. You need to take the hardcover (so-called crust) is filled with blank, photo, hologram, laminating machine and glue. The form, depending on the organization and Department, which issues the certificateshould have several degrees of protection. As a rule, the degree of protection presented water marks and barely perceptible rough risks of different color printed on the form. Holograms are also protected from tampering. The holograms departmental institutions can see the image of a shimmering stamp of an eagle or the name of the Department (organization).
Take this form and fill it in the prescribed manner, i.e., type in his surname, name, patronymic, name of the Department and position. Usually fill out forms on a typewriter or on a printer. If the imprinted details on the form by using a typewriter, make sure that the text was not moved down from the lines and was exactly centered. Otherwise, the form will have to reprint.
Use the printer and the computer to complete the form. Not to spoil the original, first adjust its size under the printer. This can be done after removing the copy of the form. Try first to print the details on it, and only then use the original. Carefully stick the form on the crust.
Glue the photograph to the designated place. It marked the corners on the left reversal of the blank. Photographs should be prepared in advance and have a well-defined size corresponding to the size of the corners on the form. Stick a hologram so that it is captured and the form and photo at the same time. Further, the certificate shall be signed by the Director of the organization or Agency. Sometimes this procedure is replaced by placing a cliché supervisor signature. Then the blank is laminated. A certificate prepared and issued under signature.