You will need
  • The Original Niva. The car must be serviceable and the least worn.
Independently increase engine power "Field" in the following ways:

- set lightweight valves and their guides, lightened flywheel;

- increase of the cross section of the exhaust and intake ports of the cylinder head;

- to increase the cross section of the intake manifold;

- install the camshaft, increasing power and torque at medium and low revs;

- install straight-through exhaust system;

- set sport (light) timing.

- install the air filter of zero resistance;

- counterbore the cylinders of the engine (to increase displacement).

For the carbureted engine further establishes the Solex carburetor with a diffuser 24 to 26 mm instead of standard. The ignition system is changed to electronic with a Hall sensor from the more modern models of VAZ. The high-performance engine will require the installation of a radiator with increased cooling area. Described the program allows to remove with the engine VAZ-2121 up to 120 HP With the installation of two Solex carburetors, you can raise the power up to 136 HP
Many specialized firms offer the installation of turbo cars Niva and Chevrolet-Niva" on the basis of the GARETT GT17 turbocharger. The cost of installing about 60,000 R. Effect: power increase from 80 to 105 HP, torque from 120 to 170 Nm, a slight decrease in fuel consumption. The life of the engine is maintained, the quality of fuel – gasoline with octane number no less 95, maintenance – standard for vehicles with a turbocharger.
Fine-tuning engine control system using the chip-tuning. Changing the program in the electronic control unit eliminates the shortcomings of the developers and not seen at trials. For standard engine the "Fields" the chip tuning will increase the power and torque of 10-15%, for a turbo to 35-40%.