Air filter zero soprotivleniya simple: install the air filter of zero resistance, the so-called "nulevik". It is easy to purchase in the markets auto parts or online stores. Installation method:Begin with the dismantling of the old filter housing and the duct feeding warm air in cold weather, tubes of the fumes disposal. The installation of the filter of zero resistance are produced according to the instructions. Supplement 3-5 percent of the power provided to you.
Positionprovider straight-through flow muffler. Start with the dismantling of the resonator and old muffler. The exhaust manifold, the so-called "pants" and leave. Installation will not take much time, yokes, suspension bands will remain the same. The pipe diameter choose according to your preferences. But there is one drawback: the noise during acceleration and vent gas can not like other people, and not be inspectors of traffic police.
Increasing statesname the cylinder head, mill it in a specialized workshop 0.5-1 mm, thereby you reduce the volume of the combustion chamber and increase the compression ratio. Get to increase in power by 12-15 percent. Please note that you will have after the above procedure to use gasoline with an octane rating of 95-98.
Installation of sports raspredeleny camshaft ensures optimum feeding a full charge of mixture in the cylinder, which increases lift height of the valves. To increase the power of the engine installed aftermarket Cams, characterized by exceptional smoothness of the profile, ensuring reliable operation of the timing mechanism. Feature sports shafts is that their use removes the border of detonation, especially at low frequencies of rotation of the crankshaft.There are many kinds of sport camshafts are designed for different purposes:— bottom torque shaft for city driving;— universal shaft “city — highway”;— riding shaft alignment.A camshaft with a lower lift of the valves provides a positive effect on low frequencies of rotation of the crankshaft, while the camshaft with lots of lift allows you to increase the power at high frequencies.