You will need
  • - computer or laptop
  • adapter
  • software for chip-tuning.
For anybody not a secret that the firmware of the ECU of the car "Niva", set by the manufacturer in accordance with the technical regulations, significantly limits its power plant.
For example, the air-fuel mixture fed into the cylinders of the engine, is intentionally lean, although the engine was originally designed to operate with an enriched mixture. But at the urging of environmentalists, the gas line to the burners was reduced.
To change existing operating parameters of the engine need to plug the adapter or laptop computer to the diagnostic connector of the machine. Of course, the computer must be installed the corresponding applications.
Through software adjustment of the operating parameters of the motor systems, which work the engine is optimized, and it becomes more high, due to the modified injection and increased power. The dynamics of the car "Niva while driving is also improving.
Paradoxically, the fact. Despite the increased flow of gasoline in the composition of the working mixture, the reduced operational fuel consumption, which has a positive effect on the ecological environment.