You will need
  • - the collector;
  • - the inlet pipeline;
  • - a reception pipe;
  • sealant;
  • - turbine;
  • - tool kit.
The installation sequence of a turbine on the vases depends on what is installed on the motor vehicle engine. If the engine is atmospheric, for the installation of the turbine will require additional reduction of hermetic compression. To achieve this effect, install in a motor vehicle the original intake manifold.
If the engine on the car VAZ turbocharged low pressure, the installation of the turbine just need, because there is no such effective way of speeding up the motor. As a preparatory procedure prior to installation of the turbocharger, install the intake manifold, upgrade the power supply system of the engine and assemble the front pipe.
After this spend a complex of works aimed at improvement of the lubrication systems, ventilation and cooling of the crankcase of the automobile engine. In other words, perform a number of activities related to the improvement of technical characteristics of the internal combustion engine.
After you install the turbine. To do this, remove the bumper and strap. Then remove the filter (it is already more than you need).
To make it easier to install the turbine, remove the generator. After this remove telecran and exhaust manifold. Then drain the antifreeze and remove the pipe connecting the engine with the motor.
Drain the oil, then carefully drill out the engine case a hole and install the fitting. However, before fitting apply a thin layer of sealant. After this remove the oil temperature indicator.
Oil flow on the turbine is performed using the adapter (it should install). Then assemble the heat shield (install this "detail" on the hot part of the turbine), the intake manifold and the turbine. Then connect to the fitting and the turbine hose of a treatment, and put a external Westgate.
Fittings connect the ends of the silicone hose. Cut this hose in half and connect it with the T-fitting. After that follow the installation of the intercooler and intake piping.