Make it a rule to check before each trip the tire pressure. Run-flat tires - one of the main causes of a sudden increase in consumptionas fuel. For the Fields, the developers recommend pressure 2,0/2,1. To every time to check each wheel, you can buy pressure sensors tire. For the Fields best suited removable sensors that are installed instead of nipples. Included are four sensors and a remote control, which displays information about the pressure in each tire. Typically, the console informs you with an audible signal that there is a difference in tire pressure.
Regularly diagnosis in a specialized center. This will help to identify future breakage at the stage of its occurrence. You'll spend less money for repairs. The common reason for excessive consumptionand fuel are clogged fuel filters. You also need to monitor the condition of the injector, which from time to time requires cleaning.
To reduce the consumption of fuel can help "Nintendo" of the engine. This method is suitable for owners of fuel injected cars. Nintendo is a computer reconfiguring an electronic control unit of your engine. Remember that choosing one thing, you sacrifice another. In particular, pereproshivka on the reduced consumption of fuel, you will lose a few horsepower. Therefore, carefully weigh the pros and cons. In any case, do not enlist the help of a car mechanic-Kostadinov. In a specialized center you pay a little more, but will have the guarantee that you will do everything correctly and competently.
As funny as it may sound, but one way to save gasoline is to not drive too fast. The fact that at a speed of 60-90 km/h consumption of fuel increases about 2 times, and at a speed of 120 km/h already at 70%. The reason is air resistance. The higher the speed, the more power the engine has to spend her overcome, therefore, consumption is growing. This is especially pronounced in the Fields, with its large coefficient of air resistance.
Another very good way to save is to install gas equipment. Renowned for its quality equipment of Italian production. The installation cost is about two thousand dollars, but if you use your car it will pay for itself within a year. If you are a smoker, you will have to refrain from Smoking in the car with LPG, as it is very dangerous.