Greetings anniversary verses – winning option. You can get poems from the Internet and books to write them yourself or order the writing professionals. Professional poet, knowing the name of the celebrant, significant events and successes of his life, nice to beat them in verse. Hero of the day, realizing that the congratulations addressed to him personally, would be touched deeply. To greeting poems were the celebrant a long memory, and execute them in the form of postcards, a diploma or a newspaper. Great if on a postcard will be a collage with a photo of the celebrant. The newspaper provides more opportunities for creativity. Stick to photos of him, taken at different periods of life or in different places: at work, at home and on vacation. Choose Newspapers for the best, positive pictures.
A suitable content of the song will be the beginning of a remarkable holiday. To alter the already famous song or book writing new? Remake the song will cost you much less than writing it from scratch. However, written in order, the song will be the most valuable gift. Composer and poet for writing songs you will find on the Internet. Song book in advance for 2-3 weeks. It still need to rehearse before the performance. If you can't sing, invite for the execution of the greeting songs of professional performers. Not necessarily expensive and famous. The main thing – that they sang with soul.
I think that more eloquently than any words will be helpful for the celebrant a gift? Take care beautiful package. Put the gift in a box and wrap the box with foil or colored paper. Tie ribbons on top and garnish with a flower. The gift valuable, but small in size? Pack it into several boxes from smallest to largest according to the principle of matryoshka. The process of getting the gift and the intrigue grows with each open box will entertain the celebrant and guests.