If you want to issue a congratulatory newspaper, but have no idea how it's done or don't have enough time, you can do it is simple: find and entrust this work to professionals. In this case you need only the material on the basis of which it will be made – information about the event or about the person for whom you are plotting is a homemade publication. Provide all texts and photos that clearly state people his plan will specify dates and ask them to show you the layout of the future of the newspaper. So you will always be able to make their own adjustments, something to correct or Supplement.
The easier option is to surf the Internet in search of ready-made template newspaper. Find what you most like, adjust according to your taste and needs — and the task is done.
If you decide to issue a greeting, the newspaper on their own, you will need a piece of drawing paper with a size not less than A1. You can make the newspaper smaller in size, but in this case, you will be able to place a bit of material. And, in addition, take into account the place where you want to attach. On a large empty wall, a small poster will look poor.
Also take care of the necessary paints. This may be gouache, oil or acrylic paint; scissors, glue, markers, colored paper or cardboard and, depending on your plan and fancy — ribbons, beads, sequins etc.
Determine the theme of the newspaper and make it a rough plan: what parts you have it will be and what you want to place. This is necessary in order to determine the sequence and order of information gathering.
In your newspaper you can put a variety of photographs, pictures, drawings, collages, poems and humorous comments, greetings and wishes, jokes and aphorisms. Your photo can make a frame or Mat, and place them in the templates.
Spread the paper on a horizontal surface and plan what and where will be posted. From the top, usually in large letters that spell the name or word "Congratulations!". Texts can be typed on the computer some attractive font, print and attach to paper. Short aphorisms, humorous signature or comments, you can write, paint or markers. Photos, place in frames or attach parts.
To facilitate to itself work, try to find the right frame, templates, wishes, sayings and poems to search the Internet. The layout of the newspaper in black and white you can print on the printer, and then to paste, to write and paint.
You can try to make a newspaper similar to traditional print publishing. Overstate it on the computer posting photos and texts — essay about the person reporting, interviews; separately "give the word" to friends and family. Would be very interesting if the last page of his masterpiece you will make a themed crossword that is associated with the interesting facts of human life, and astrological forecast with promises of success and joyful surprises.