You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - horoscopes (druid and flower);
  • paper (packaging, print, color);
  • - scissors;
  • - balloons (inflated with helium);
  • - permanent markers;
  • - photos of the celebrant;
  • - video projector;
  • - money.
Start thinking about unusual birthday greetings in advance, it will need to be prepared. Please contact the management company draws. They come up with an exciting adventure, depending on the interests and age of the celebrant. Greetings will be performed by professional actors according to the chosen theme. This gift is memorable and original, but will require a significant financial investment.
Check out floral or druid horoscope. According to them, pick up the hero of the day its a flower or a tree (many unusual plants are dwarf and ornamental variants and analogues). Print the text to characterize the person. Attach it to the card together with recommendations for the care of a plant. Will make an unusual birthday greetings, after reading the "Rules of the reference with the birthday boy" (redo in comic form after the flower).
Buy plain colored balloons with helium. Prepare a congratulatory text. On a few balls (or a single) write the date. Leave the others clean, cook, permanent marker. Offer him some balls to write on them everything from what he wants to get rid of in the new year (illness, sadness, sorrow, etc.) and released into the sky. The balloon date also let them be sent in all others, the most important thing – a state of mind, not age.
Make a video as a congratulations on the anniversary. Include photos of the birthday boy, family, friends, clippings of your favorite movies, lines from poems, aphorisms, etc. Pick up music – it can be like a favorite song hero of the day, and just appropriate for the theme tune. Write the greeting line, add them in the video. Such a greeting you can do, both independently and in order.