Anniversary – a special celebration!

For women the anniversary is simultaneously a joyous and sad event, full of bright colors and unforgettable impressions. Women do not like to advertise my age, but still have to say the secret number. To celebrate the anniversary in different ways – in a noisy cafe with family or friends, as long as the congratulations were sincere.


The best greeting for any woman will be warm and sincere words spoken by those closest to us. It is desirable that it was any original poem or short story, telling about all the advantages of the birthday girl. Be sure to mention the beauty of the ladies, her intellect, resourcefulness, character and personal qualities.

Should not be limited to trivial things, for example "happy birthday, Olga!". Congratulations should be approached from a creative point of view. A great option is music verbal greetings – popular hit song, or a favorite female.
The best greetings gentle words and warm embrace of your family and friends. They are the most long-awaited!

The inherent attributes of the occasion

The woman congratulating with anniversary, you can not do without flowers, because they are a symbol of beauty and tenderness. You should also not forget about the traditional balloons, which will create a cheerful festive atmosphere, and the chocolates and elegant packaging for gifts. These nice little things will bring the birthday girl a lot of positive emotions, will be a powerful charge of good mood for the whole day.

Original congratulations

If the hero of the occasion – a man of extraordinary to surprise her to be not so simple. The usual greeting is not enough. To congratulate a woman with an anniversary you, laying on the ground at her window the inscription of rose petals. Also a good idea to give her a heart balloon or inflatable bouquet of flowers. If someone from the family sings well, you can record a birthday song dedicated to the birthday girl.
In the jubilee woman never want to be the center of attention. To give her that opportunity and invited to the celebration of musicians who all night will be performing her favorite songs.

What to give?

On the anniversary of the woman to give anything. This can be a good expensive perfume, porcelain tea set, cosmetics set, utensils, linen, etc. All depends on the preferences of the birthday girl. If nothing original comes to mind, it is best to give money, because they are never enough. Importantly, during the greeting sounded more affectionate, kind and gentle words.