You will need
  • a sheet of drawing paper,
  • color gouache
  • photos
The first option. You will need a sheet of drawing paper and colored gouache.
First, come up with a picture that will be shown on the greeting paper. For example, roses or Teddy bears, this is an option for women-birthday girl. For men fit nautical themes: sea, ships, sails, etc Gouache draw a box that will frame the greeting. In the center write the greeting. For example, "happy Birthday!". You can write a small poem. If is free space, draw another picture.
A variant of the second. For photos of the Newspapers will need a few photos that captured the day and people dear to him, and colored gouache.
First of all, think about what time period will begin making greeting newspaper. For example, the birth anniversary or his eighteenth birthday, the date of marriage or graduation, etc. All the photos can be signed as a playful phrases and sentences serious content. As signatures of the fit and little poems. Decorate the picture frame. In the centre place a current photograph of the celebrant or write the main figure of the anniversary, e.g. "50". Choose the font larger, so that attention was attracted, and it was visible from afar. The Bulletin Board can be decorated with quotes from famous people and philosophers, the appropriate meaning. Are appropriate pictures of children or grandchildren of the celebrant, the prints of their pens, their baby pictures, which seemed to link several generations of people together.
The third option. Need a computer and any image editor.
Draw in a graphics editor based Newspapers – the General framework of the entire sheet, drawings, frames. Then all this needs to be printed on a monochrome printer and hand-painted. You can then enter in the designated place congratulatory words and paste suitable pictures.
However, this method of creating the newsletter please everyone not everyone is the hero of the day, many prefer a live registration, made by hand, any modern technologies.