Advice 1: How to read the electronic ticket

Electronic airticket (e-ticket) is a contract between the airline and the passenger on air transport. 1 June 2008 international Association of civil aviation (IATA) has ordered passenger airlines to move to electronic system of sale of airlinetickets.
How to read the electronic ticket
Book and buy an electronic airticketyou can on the airline's website or at specialized websites online. The document will be sent to your email address in the form of itinerary receipt. All information about booking and your details will be stored electronically. In addition, the electronic airticketyou can purchase one air ticket.
This document cannot be lost, forgotten, or stolen, as all information gets into the reservation system. If you forgot to bring the itinerary to the airport, you will still be able to check in for a flight, having a passport and birth certificate of children (if you are traveling with children).
Read it very simple. The receipt contained all the details of flights and the associated required information. Upstairs is placed the name of the Agency from which you purchased the ticket.
Next is print out date and route agent password, respectable route.
Under this information you will see your name.
Then follows the name of the validating carrier – the airline, in the form of which will be issued for transportation.
Next, placed the number of your electronic ticketand room reservation in Amadeus system in airlines.
Now is the most important – your flight number and airline code, departure city/arrival airport, the departure time, terminal, class of service, date and month of departure, code of the tariff. Keep in mind that it is always specified the local time of departure.
On the itinerary you will find information on the maximum permissible weight of Luggage. It is indicated in the column beside the class of service.
There you will find information about the total cost of airticketand tariffs and fees, of which it evolved.
On the itinerary mandatory placed the necessary information for passengers.
Electronic travel document facilitates and accelerates the process of acquisition and obtain the airlineticket. If you are a user of the Internet, you'll be able to book and print it, anywhere in the world. Preferred to pay by credit card. However, if you prefer another form of payment, the booking sites you will be offered all possible options.
Proof that you purchased the airline electronic document is an itinerary receipt (itinerary receipt). Despite the fact that without it, you will be able to register, it is recommended to have among other documents. It may be useful to you at passport control abroad, if you are asked to show the opposite airticket.
E-ticket is recognized as a document of strict accountability.

Advice 2 : How to check the car

Railway transport is one of the safest and reliable modes of transport. To travel by train comfortable, convenient and cheap. Cars in trains vary in comfort level: there are General cars, cars type reserved seat, coupe or SV. In order to get to your car, we must first know its number.
How to check the car
Carefully review your travel document. In the column "Car" will indicate the number and type of the car. For example, if this column indicates "16 P" this means that your sixteenth second-class carriage.
On arriving at the station, listen to the dispatcher, which sends messages about the arrival and departure of trains. He reports the time of the departure of the train, and the numbering of the cars (from the head or from the tail). Go to the specified Manager platform. To save yourself from unnecessary hassles in the search of his car, come to the station in advance.
To find out the room of the car of the standing train, you need to pay attention to the window positioned at the beginning or at the end of the car. They should hang signs with the numberω of the car. The numbering of cars, usually goes in normal order (1,2,3,4, etc), but sometimes there are situations when at the end or at the beginning of the composition is a car with roomom, out of the General numbering. For example, after the eleventh of the car is the twenty-fourth. This happens if the car is attached to the structure at any intermediate station.
If the Windows of cars you don't see signs of roomAMI ask about a roome of the car with the conductor, which it serves. Usually at the stations they come out on the platform or in the vestibule of the car.
Another type of rail transport is the train. As a rule, the question of the numbering of the cars in the train are not fundamental for the passenger because the ticket is purchased without a specific seat. But in some cases it is necessary to know the number of the car, for example, to inform the train driver about any malfunction. Also you are required to inform number of the car the police officer accompanying the train, if your eyes committed the offence. The number must be specified above the door at the beginning and at the end of the car.
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