To buy an electronic ticket on a plane, you need to visit the website of the relevant airline and choose the flight. After payment of the ticket by e-mail and telephone number of the client will be sent full information about the flight. Then you will need to complete a special registration form on the website.

Highlights electronic registration

To register on the plane easy. First, you need to enter a special reservation number (it is sent to email or phone client) and the name of the passenger. Then you need to specify the country of residence, citizenship and full passport details.

You can then choose any location in the cabin. It is an advantage of online registration, as in case of usual registration is not available. Sometimes there are cases where the airline may substitute your place to another (for example, for reasons of aviation security).

After completing the electronic registration must print your boarding card before boarding, you will need to present this card and passport of the passenger. The coupon is also available on mobile phone and present it when boarding from the screen of the device. In addition, some airports have the ability to print boarding pass at kiosks, if you forget to do it at home.

The advantages and disadvantages of electronic registration

But the e-check-plane has its own nuances. For example, the online registration cannot be held for passengers who are traveling with Pets, passengers carrying dangerous cargo or purchased tickets through a travel company and for group tickets (nine or more persons).

E-registration starts in about 24 hours, and closes 1-2 hours before departure of the aircraft. If passengers have any Luggage, you will have to register at the front of the baggage drop. In some countries that require a visa, you will need to stand in line to go through the procedure of checking it.

The electronic registration has its benefits. First – sign up for flight from the comfort of home. At the airport you only need to show your boarding pass which is sent to the specified registration e-mail or phone. You can also change any flight details without having to drive to the airport or a travel Agency. And finally, check online free while at the airport may be asked to pay money for it.