Select the airline you want to use. Enter search her name and go to the official website.
Find online airline online ticket booking. Search seats on your desired flight. To do this, enter in the appropriate fields airport of departure, airport of arrival, date (and date of return flight, if you buy a return ticket) and the number of passengers you are going to buy a ticket. Please note that children up to two years, the ticket is not issued, but point of the baby is necessary, data about the child will be included in the electronic itinerary / receipt, without it, the flight will not register.
Select a convenient flight. Please note that the company write the price of the ticket in different ways: some just show the price with fuel surcharge, while others add it at the payment stage. Proceed to ticketing, the system may ask you to register or buy tickets as a guest.
Enter the names of the passengers and their passport details, addresses, telephone numbers and email address that will be used to confirm the reservation and payment.
Select the method of payment of tickets. Airlines allow you to pay for the ticket by credit card, payment terminals (e.g. QIWI), electronic payment systems (WebMoney or Yandex.Money) or shops (Euroset or Svyaznoy). Remember that reservations can be made for a period of three hours to three days - if within the specified period, the payment is not made, the reservation will be charged. When paying by card, enter her details in the appropriate fields. The system prompts you to specify the security code is printed on the map on the reverse side, or enter the code word from the picture. When paying in shops or from the terminal, enter the reservation number.
Believe me e-mail, you will receive an email with an electronic ticket or itinerary / receipt. Print the document, show it to airport staff at check-in.