Access to information about your order you can get in the personal Cabinet on the site where it was purchased (airlines, Railways or facilitator). For this you need to open the appropriate web page and log in with your username and password and then go to the section with information about their orders.
Itinerary receipt e-ticket for a flight to Russia is available on the website of the reservation system "Siren", and international or foreign airlines - AMADEUS. Search by booking number specified in the itinerary / receipt and the passenger's name. These services are convenient for checking online purchase from a third-party website, and print route receipts from them and the site where the purchased ticket, equivalent.
Getting access to all your orders, open interest and, if connected to your computer printer, send the itinerary receipt to print.
If your home or office computer to the printer is not connected, you can use the services of an Internet café by repeating the procedure in the manner described above, or save the web page with the itinerary on external media (flash drive, CD or other), and then open and print on any other computer connected to the printer.