First, if you want to get rid of the pesky SMS, call your operator and ask about the connection of such services as "Black list". You may also personally configure this feature and add all the numbers from which you receive the unwanted message.
There is a simple option where you have to dig a little in the settings. For this your phone must have the ability to block incoming SMS. To check whether you have this feature, enter the main phone menu, then go to settings. For different phones there are different instructions that you need to do in this situation (for more details, see the instructions to the mobile device).
This function can reside either in the settings in the subkey, SMS, or the SMS setup (go to Messages, then settings). Depending on the model of the phone will differ. In some phones you can put a ban on all incoming SMS in the other can form your black list. Also, this function is found under the name "Filtering". With this option, enter unwanted numbers yourself or add them from a provided list.
If you want to get rid of reports from paid services, you should do the following: send to the short number from which you SMS the word "STOP" or STOP. If you want to establish a ban on short number or remove it-call the toll free number 0858 (for subscribers of "Beeline"). It will help you Voicemail, which will provide all the information you need. By calling this number, you can activate "Black-white lists SRA". But it is worth noting that this service is given only for one day.