The labour code stipulates that the employee has multiple types of leaves, among them another vacation, in other words annual basic paid vacation. During the leaveand your employer must hold your position and the average salary, he has no right during the holidaysand to transfer you to another position, radically change the terms of the employment contract. Also by law the employer cannot provide the employee's regular vacation for two consecutive years, is the labour code provides for a fine.
An employee is entitled to another vacation once per work year (not the same as calendar year). The working year starts from the date of receipt of an employee, therefore, may not coincide with the calendar year. The total duration of such leaveand is 28 calendar days, but you can negotiate with the employer to divide the leave into several parts. Note that parts can be any number, but the legislation provides that one of the parts of the piece must be at least 14 days. Often the vacation is divided into two equal halves for 14 days each.
Now about the documents needed for registration regular holiday. Write a statement to the head in a free form. In principle, to write to his employee, who goes to vacation according to the schedule not necessarily, on the contrary, the employer should remind the employee that approaching the beginning of his vacationand in writing notifies the beginning of the vacationand not later than two weeks. But since in practice this does not happen, then write the statement. Further, service personnel are preparing the order granting leaveand sign it in the head