You will need
  • - two copies of the writ;
  • - copy of passport;
  • - a copy of the passbook;
  • - 2 envelopes.
Start with the name of the bailiff service, the names (and addresses) of the debtor, the name (and address) of the creditor.
The text of the statement describe the request and be sure to justify it. For example, start with specify the number of the hearing and describe the decision of the court stating the amount and its transcript, the name of the debtor, residing at (specify address) in favour of (name and address). Copy of the judgment and the original of the Executive on four sheets attached.
At the end ask to seek and to transfer the amount to your account. Specify where to transfer the money, your Bank account number. Write in full the name of the Bank and all the necessary details.
A separate line, indicate on the application the original writ, the case number and a copy of the court decision.
At the end of the statement date, initials, surname (mandatory decryption) and signature.
Print out two copies of the application (accepted only typewritten copies).
Always make sure that your copy of the application was signed and the stamp of acceptance. Within three days you will be assigned to the bailiff. As a rule, police officers are receiving several times a week. While waiting you can get acquainted with the Federal law №229-FZ "On enforcement proceedings". Bailiffs are not entitled to refuse to accept you have a writ, provided that you submit all the documents, regulated by the above-mentioned document.