Situation when ex-husbands do not pay alimony to spouses, meet with everyone more often. Some men simply prefer to hide from their ex-wives, not wanting to pay them money for the maintenance of their children. If this situation happened to you, do not despair, you need to immediately contact the police and in court.
In the presence of the bailiff, you will need to write a statement about what your ex-husband does not pay maintenance for their children, and to provide evidence of this. Next, the ushers will begin to act themselves, namely, to find the debtor, closing his accounts in credit organizations, as well as prohibiting him from leaving the country
Now illegal employment is no surprise, many people in Russia prefer to work informally and to obtain a higher wage. If your ex-husband is working on such a scheme, officially, he is unemployed, and the bailiffs can seize it to your advantage only property. The latter must be formally documented on your ex-spouse.
If your ex-husband is working officially, you will easily be able to collect from it the alimony. The bailiffs will issue a decree according to which from his wages every month will be deducted the required amount. All deductions will be accountants of the company, which employs ex-husband, and he fails to exert any influence on this process. However, some men go for the trick and agree with the management that they have reduced official salary, and the remainder were given "hands on". Here, alas, we can't undo it.
Non-payment of child support can lead to your ex-wife on trial in that case, if he does not faithfully perform his duties. Before you go to court, try to talk to her ex-husband, he might be able to understand that the content of their own offspring – his direct responsibility, and then to correct the situation.