You will need
  • - copy of passport;
  • - two envelopes;
  • - two copies of the writ;
  • - your Bank account information.
Writing requestand a court bailiff start with the names of bailiffs, and the names and addresses of the debtor and the creditor. Be sure to indicate the number and date of the court order to initiate enforcement proceedings.
In the text to describe your request and be sure to justify it. At the end of the text ask them to collect and remit to your account a certain amount of money. Don't forget to specify exactly where you want to transfer money, enter the number of your Bank account. All the necessary details and write the name of the Bank completely. Additionally you can ask for the ban for the debtor to travel outside the country.
Attach to the requestthe original writ. Place date, initials, surname (in full) and signature. Request a court bailiff make two copies and turn in to the office or send it by registered mail with notification.
Please note that bailiffs will only accept typewritten requests, not made by hand. Passing the request with the Executive sheet, follow also that the documents had a stamp of acceptance and the signature. Within three days after filing you must appoint a bailiff.
Its implementation is regulated by the Federal Law №229-FZ "On enforcement proceedings". Usually officers take citizens several times a week. They can't refuse you in making a writ, if you submit all the documents specified in the document.
You also have the right to an appointment to a particular judicial officerresponsible for your case and to get acquainted with materials of Executive production. Don't forget that the request and writ serves only to officers of the district in which the trial was held.