You will need
  • The court order, a copy;
  • copies of written requests to the Sheriff (if any);
  • copies of all documents relating to the conduct of enforcement proceedings;
  • envelope;
For writing complaints about inaction of the judicial bailiff find out the name of the person entrusted with the execution of judicial orders. Address and complete name of Department UFSSP also need to know. Often bailiffs are changing, so write down all the names of the employees who conducted the enforcement proceedings.
Decide in any instance will be written the complaint. Specify the address, full name of the addressee. We need to go to a specific official. Find out the position, surname, name, patronymic.
Write a neck complaint. Start with the name of the control to which are applying and the name of the addressee.
Enter your details, number and date of issuance of the writ, below enter the details of the debtor.
The phrase "complaint against the inaction of the judicial bailiff-executor" describe the problem. Division and the name of the bailiffto whom you are writing a complaint, be sure to indicate if the enforcement proceedings were transferred to several bailiffm, indicate all the names. The complaint must be dated and signed.
After the signature write the inventory attached to the complaint documents and copies. This is necessary because there is a risk of loss of some documents.
The complaint has been delivered to its addressee. Before sending, make a copy of the complaint, add it to your document archive.