Prepare all the necessary documents relevant to your situation. That in itself is a contract, acts of acceptance and other documents confirming the fact of violation of the terms of the transaction. In addition, you will need a letterhead of your organization (if any), for registration of the complaint in accordance with enterprise standards office.
The first must specify the details of the addressee. This is the name of the organization, its address, the surname and initials of the head. Next, write in the centre the name of commercial letters "Claim". Start filling the main part of the document describe the subject matter hereof. Here reference is made to the contract, specifying its number, date of conclusion, names of the parties-the contractors, the amount of the transaction.

Describe the violation of the obligations, provide evidence of such (referring to other documents) and the provisions of the agreement, the provisions of which have not been fully performed. Specify the amount to be recovered from the debtor as a result of the violations.
List your requirements against the debtor accordingly. Ask him to make full payment within a specified time. Inform about your intentions to go to court to protect their own interests.
Sign the complaint at the head of the enterprise. To complete the registration procedure official document, register it with the Secretary in an outgoing message according to the rules of the proceedings.