For Russian citizens

If the time has come to change your passport, and you moved from the place of "registration", for example, in another city, you can contact any branch of the migration service (FMS). According to the Order of FMS from 30.11.12, No. 391, for the replacement of passports on the territory of Russia: "the Issuance (replacement) of the passport of the FMS of Russia (within the competence), territorial bodies and divisions at the place of residence, place of residence or place of the citizen" .

The documents required for passport replacement

If you want to change the passport is not the place "registration" you need to take with you to the Federal migration service: an application for replacement of a passport; two black-and-white/color photos 3,5 x 4,5 cm; military ID card; old passport; the receipt for payment of state duty (500 p.).

In case of theft/loss of passport facilities: if you have submitted an application to the authorities notification from the police stating that your statement about the crime there was, if no written statement in any form in which you need to describe where, when and under what circumstances was lost/stolen passport; four black-and-white/color photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm

If the data on the previously obtained your passports are not preserved, additionally submitted documents: birth certificate, marriage/divorce, birth of children under 14 years; certificate of release from prison; passport; employment history; retirement, a driver's license.

The term of issue

However, note that if you make a passport at the place of registration, period of issuance increased from 10 days (subject to appeal to the Federal migration service at the place of registration / re-registration of the passports in the same office) to 2 months (because of the previously issued passport is issued by other division) from the date of receiving the documents.


Don't forget to take a certificate or temporary ID after submit all the documents. You must provide additional photos.

There are times when people obrazuetsja in FMS, and they refuse to replace him with a passport on the basis of lack of registration. In this case, you must demand from them a written refusal. You would be able to apply to the court to appeal the illegal actions of the FMS. Only we must not forget that the process is likely to take several months.