You will need
  • - headphones that you would like to clean;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • regular or masking tape;
  • - a small container (e.g., cap from a plastic bottle;
  • - minipiles (for cleaning equipment)
  • or normal cleaner;
  • - the lid which can tightly shut the vacuum cleaner pipe;
  • - duct tape;
  • -ball point pen without the rod.
Prepare the headphones. Try to clean them from the outside as possible. If your headphones have a rubber cap, remove them.
Take a prepared shallow container of small size. Ideal simple cap from a plastic bottle. Pour into the container of hydrogen peroxide so that the depth was not more than 4 mm, otherwise you risk to damage the membrane of the headphones and it will affect the sound quality.
Carefully lay in a container of hydrogen peroxide your headphones the mesh down. Fasten on top of the usual or masking tape the entire design to the earphone accidentally dropped or turned over. Leave headphones to soak for 20-25 minutes. The secret is that hydrogen peroxide can effectively dissolve the ear wax without damaging important parts of the headset.
After about half an hour of passive cleaning is complete. You will need to pull the dissolved sulfur and residual hydrogen peroxide from the body of the earphone. Well, if you have minipiles for cleaning office equipment. But if you have not got such equipment, for cleaning headphones can accommodate a conventional vacuum cleaner.Take the lid that is in diameter approximately equal to the diameter of the pipe cleaner. Wrap it with electrical tape for better fixation.Make a well in the center of the cap has a hole which tightly can enter the body of a ballpoint pen. If necessary, tape the handle and the housing to secure the cap.You got a great tip the vacuum cleaner to clean the headphones.
Now go to active cleaning headphones. Peel off the tape and gently remove the headphones from the tank. In any case, do not turn them! The liquid can damage the membrane.
Carefully vacuum the headphones. Make sure that all the dirt sucked.
Check out the sound.
If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat all the steps again.