You will need
  • - the vacuum headphone;
  • instruction;
  • - a set of rubber nozzles;
  • - wet wipes.
Read the instructions for using your vacuum headphone, if any, attached to the kit. In it you will be able to find as well as see the main stages of use.
Pick up the pads the right size. Usually comes with at least three different pairs of tips. This allows you to select precisely the nozzles, with which you will be comfortable listening to music.
Try to pick up the nozzle so that the earpiece fit more tightly in the ear canal. If you choose the small nozzles, the headphones will fall out or hang out in the ear. The sound from this is poor. If you use too large of a nozzle, from prolonged listening to music the ears can start to hurt. It is important to choose the nozzle size that you want.
Carefully attach the selected nozzle to the plastic enclosure base. Check whether the rubber nozzle sitting on the axis of the headset. If it is bad to attach the nozzle, it can remain in the ear canal, when you remove the earphone. To get it can only a doctor in the trauma centre.
Position your fingers on the upper part of the housing and gently push the earpiece into the ear canal. Don't push it too far. The earpiece should be dressed so that there was no discomfort.
pull the wire to pull out the earphone. In any case, do not pull sharply! So you risk to break the wire or to leave the rubber nozzle into the ear hole.
Pay great attention to the selection of rubber tips. If the dimensions that are attached to the headphones, you did not, please visit your local store and purchase a new nozzle. They are sold separately and are inexpensive.
Consult with your doctor in that case, if listening to music in a vacuum headphones causing you discomfort. Try not to give out to use your headphones to observe basic rules of personal hygiene.