Advice 1: How to make your headphones your own hands

Some fans listen to music in the evening sometimes faced with failure of their headphones. Very frustrating to keep buying new headphones. The easiest way out of this situation – to stop listening to your favorite songs in the evening or to fall asleep, but not so easy to forgo sleep, or pleasure, which receives music fan. The best solution would be a headphone Assembly of the entire instances.
How to make your headphones your own hands
You will need
  • Non-working headphones, soldering iron, scissors, tape.
As a rule, of a pair of headphones constantly breaking down only one, respectively, the other will always be intact. It makes no sense to throw out one of the workers headphones. With a little effort, you can build your own headphones. If your headphones don't work only because of the kinked cable, you can replace the main plug with a new one or try to finish existing ones.
Use fine scissors or a sharp knife to remove the plastic part from the plug. Strip the wires, remember their position during the cleaning of the plug from plastic. After cleaning the plug, try to solder wires to connectors on the plug. Remember, it is best made the signal through the wires that were soldered, stranded wires lose some of the signal during transmission. Please note that connecting two wires, you need to make sure that they have the same color.
If damage occurred in the earphone, it can be replaced by another, for example, from another broken pair. If the wire is sealed from the dynamics, they are also easy to solder. It should be noted that it is not necessary to confuse left and right speaker for replacement. If the soldering iron tip too thick, you can buy the same and simply grind it. The smaller the stinger diameter, the lower the power output of the soldering iron.
After work headphone has been completely restored, you have to check them on any music device.

Advice 2 : How easy it is to make the output on the one hand

This element is quite simple in execution, but at the same time is very important, as is the basis for other, more complex elements. No matter what you build, you will be able to make out on one hand.
Access to one
Pull-UPS and push-UPS. So you easily carry this item, learn how to catch up on the bar 10 times, not tucking in his legs and keeping them straight, and exercise from the floor at least 20 times.
A very important pull-UPS and push-UPS.
Checkbox. The next step is to fix the check box, as shown in the picture. To make it easier to make this part of the element after pull-UPS you can put the forearm parallel to the crossbar, and then out into the box.
To do push-UPS on a horizontal bar. After you leave the check box to fix the second arm on the horizontal bar, as shown in the picture. To make it easier to do it, you can have a little wobble. With this position you need to do push-UPS on a horizontal bar and out on the straight arm.
Be careful when picking a box, since if it is off hand, you can hurt your thumb.
Useful advice
Once you may fail, but the important thing is perseverance and regularity. If you develop these two factors, achieve great results.
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