You will need
  • Cotton gloves. Screwdriver.
First of all, you should ensure that the analysis headphones can help fix the problem. You also need to understand if you can break your model headphones. The fact that there are models that are impossible to make out, as they are disposable. More often to be dismantling the large overhead headphones. Read the user manual of your headphones, there certainly have their scheme. If you have no manual, then visit the manufacturer's website, where you will find a detailed description of your model. This will be useful for you to know exactly how versed your headphones when you're disassembling you don't accidentally break them.
Lay a soft cloth on the surface on which you plan to disassemble the headphones. This in order not to scratch them. It is also recommended to use cotton gloves. This will help not to leave greasy fingerprints on the headset. Usually first removed soft cushions, which are mounted on the latch. To remove the cushions, you need to find places latches and disconnect them. You can then remove the pillows. They can be of different material. If they are made of polyester or other synthetic material, they can be washed.
Now locate all the screws that hold the outer part of the headphones, carefully Unscrew them. At the same time try to remember where and what the screw was, then to wrap them in the same order. It is possible to draw the diagram, which indicate in detail the location of each screw.
Find out where all the snaps that hold the outer cover of the headphones. You need to gently press on them to open. You can then remove the exterior cover. For pressing the latch it is best to use a screwdriver made of plastic or rubber, otherwise you can scratch the plastic, which is usually very fragile in the headphones. After this analysis is finished headphones. Very carefully remove the loudspeakers from the enclosure so as not to damage thin wires. Also remember that a small earphonein-ear cannot be dismantled because they are attached by glue or spike. Having reviewed these headphones, you will not be able to collect them back.