Disconnect from a network amplifier or other device that is connected to a sound system. Look on the speaker's rear panel two terminals: black and red. Please note that one of them is connected the conductor with the mark - remember what it is. Slide the levers and pull out the terminal wires.
To clean the speakers on the outside use a piece of lint-free cloth slightly moistened with a soap solution. Avoid getting water inside the speaker system. You can also use alcohol (not on all surfaces - some of it spoils), but in any case not acetone, gasoline, hydrogen peroxide, etc., Also can not be used instead of tissue paper - there are traces of its constituent fibers. After cleaning allow the surface to dry completely.
To open the column and clean it from the inside, first remove the grille. Sometimes she just pull, sometimes you need to Unscrew a few screws. Dust the inner surface of the grid with the help of the fan, do the same with the space located under the grille. The cleaner, even if it is a low-power, use with great caution - it may cause damage to the diffusers, dynamic head, protective cloth. If the diffusers are missing dust caps (today is very rare), blow through the gaps between the magnets and armatures coils rubber bulb.
Now locate the screws that hold the column cover. They can be front, under the bars and back. Remove them, remove the cover, preventing damage to conductors, blow out the speaker system with a fan inside, then close. To avoid getting dust into the lungs, do not lean over the treatment site, or use a respirator.
Assemble the loudspeaker in reverse order, then pull the terminals and connect them to the wires in the correct polarity. Release the terminals and they are fixed. Check the operation of the column.