To make the liquid, you need to take a vinegar concentrate of 70% and small amount of potassium permanganate in crystalline form. These drugs are mixed. Liquid ready to use.
Under the leaf, from which you must remove the stamp, place a clean white sheet of paper. Take the brush and dip it in the prepared liquid. Drive her in the inscriptions until then, until it is completely gone. In place of processing paper will acquire a brown tint. Get rid of him just. To moisten a piece of cotton wool in hydrogen peroxide. These components can be purchased in almost any pharmacy. After this treatment, the wetted portion of the sheet needs to be ironed iron. The iron must have a clean surface. If there are black spots, then a wet sheet from the top is best put a clean white sheet of paper and ironed.
This way you can display the label with the thin sheets. If you need to remove stamp with thick dense leaves, it is recommended to use instead of a brush sharpened match. A sharp tip wrap a piece of cotton wool. Then soak it in the liquid. Then to-and-fro movement by the inscription trace it. Everything else is similar.
There is another way. It is necessary to prepare two solutions. To prepare the first solution should be in distilled water in small proportions to add potassium permanganate. It should completely dissolve. After the solution becomes saturated, you can add glacial acetic acid. Keep in mind, the solution storage may lose its activity. Prepare it just before use. Then you can move on to the preparation of the second solution. In distilled water add 1-2 tablets gidroperita. He's ready.
You can then try to apply them. A thin cotton swab on a glass rod, apply the first solution to remove the stain. After 10-15 seconds, repeat the treatment. You then need to bleach the stain of this solution. For this purpose use the second solution.