You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • - mineral oil.
Do not scrub the wax from the ear, because it's not dirt. It is produced in the ear canal to protect the skin from damage and inflammation. If you clean the ear with cotton swab, the sulfur mass is pushed deeper to the next section of the ear, and there is formed cerumen.
When self-cleaning of the ears are irritated sulfuric glands, therefore, may disrupt production of sulphur (it can be made or less or more than normal). With a lack of sulfur in the ears feels dry and itchy, with an excess of sulfur formed tube. Cotton swabs, in addition to irritation sulfuric glands, compressed sulfur, contributing to the formation of traffic jams.
If you feel the lay ear, the resonance of his own voice, ringing in the ears, you ear wax build-up. Consult your ENT doctor for removal.
After the ear is freed from the tube, as prevention 2-3 times a month spending a simple procedure. Lie on your side and drip in the ear, 5 drops 3% hydrogen peroxide or mineral oil. Lie down on your side for about 15-20 minutes. Then clean the ear canal outside the flagella, twisted out of sterile gauze. Repeat for the second ear.
Do not use for cleaning ears, cotton wool non-sterile, it is not suitable for this.
In any case do not clean the ears match wound cotton wool, otherwise you may damage the ear canal.