Examine the Labour code. The process of dismissal at his own request, is regulated by article 80 the Termination of the employment contract by the employee". From the point of view of the law the ideal termination of the employment relationship include: written notice of the employer, the development officer two weeks after the submission of the application, termination on the last business day of the contract and issuance of work books and full cash settlement.
Talk to the Manager before applying. The conversation can be difficult and unpleasant, but it happened, it will clarify the position and determine your next steps. If possible, explain the chief reason for the dismissal, if not – just tell me what you decided finally.
Specify whether you need to work out exactly 14 days, the period of mining can be reduced. The law leaves this decision to the discretion of the employer. Perhaps the chief will oblige you to work only 2-3 days to complete the project. But if you prefer to work for legitimate two weeks, notify your. The Director is obliged to respect your rights.
Write a statement of resignation. A single form for him there. You can ask the sample in the personnel Department. The statement is written addressed to the head of the organization. The wording often reads as follows: "I Ask to dismiss me from a post at own request as of 01.01.2012". Then put the date of writing the application and signature of the employee.
The termination date in the statement is the last working day. Put the day and month, which agreed with the supervisor. If you disagree, count required by law for 14 days. You need to count starting from the day following the day of submission of the application. This date and write the statement. The longer the employer has no right to detain you.
Practice remaining until dismissal, the days in good faith. Complete started projects or suspend them. Prepare the office to transfer it to another employee. Learn from colleagues who will fulfill your responsibilities, talk to him and tell us about the most urgent tasks. Introduce partners and customers with the person who replaced you. Clean computer folder, delete the personal documents and correspondence. Clear the drawers, take home Souvenirs and personal rewards.
On the last working day, see the entry in the workbook. Please note the correct date of the dismissal and its reason. In the records of the personnel Department should be listed only article 80 of the Labor code. Get your hands on the work book.
In the same day, the accounting organization must make full payment of money owed to you. They will give cash or transfer to the Bank card. In calculating wages for the last month of operation, the means for unused vacation days, bonuses, material aid and other payments provided for in the company.