Proper dismissal: law and relationships

Keep in mind that, according to article 80 of the labour code, the employee must notify his supervisor about the dismissal at own will for two weeks before leaving work. On time writing a statement, you will save yourself a lot of trouble with the law. In particular, there is a situation where you need to go to a new place of work and you still have not taken work book and not received payment.
You can ask the chief to reduce a two-week period if necessary. It is therefore important to speak calmly and politely, otherwise the chance that you will meet, will be small.

It is recommended to inform your supervisor about the dismissal of not two, but three weeks before departure. We are talking not about applying, and about the warning. This will give the company additional time to find a new employee.
If a new employee you need to prepare on your site, you will have more time and subsequently will not be distracted.

Warning of dismissal for three weeks, you will be able to defend themselves from the point of view of the law. Unfortunately, sometimes employers are not willing to release the employee and delay the process of dismissal, disrupting his plans. If you are in the conversation found out that you do not intend to let go, write a statement and send it by registered mail with notification or pass through the office so that your instance has put a mark of acceptance and incoming number of the document. In this case, even without the signature of the head of two weeks you will be able to take a salary and work book.

How to quit screwing up relationships

In any case, don't burn all the bridges, going back home from the old place of work, even if you don't have the best relationship with superiors and colleagues. This is especially true if the leadership knows where you are going to go to work. You can give unflattering characterization, and this is undesirable.

Not recommended past two weeks at work to spend like you don't have to do something. Constant tardiness, rule violations, unwillingness to perform their duties, leaving the office well before the end of the day and other mistakes can lead to the fact that you spoil your reputation, undermine the confidence of his superiors and in addition will be able to fine, reprimand, or face other troubles. Remember that the last two weeks, the employer pays the same as usual.