Do not allow the employer to confuse you and especially to force to stay on the job if you want to quit. Sometimes, the leadership is deliberately delaying the process, trying to find a way to dismiss the employee as advantageous as possible for themselves: for example, to deprive him of deserved awards, etc. If you have refused to accept the application, send it by registered mail or invite witnesses who will confirm that you hold in the workplace force.
Quit only when you already have another job, or at least additional, temporary way of earning. To leave the organization, not having plans for the future, profitable. Start looking for a new place before the submission of the application, but don't advertise it, so as not to get in trouble. Take your time, not to be left without a livelihood. But do not delay, because you must notify your employer of resignation in advance.
Consider the characteristics of the organization in which you are currently working to find the most appropriate time for dismissal. For example, if the highest salary you get in the summer in connection with the specifics of their work, and by winter, the salary is significantly reduced, laid off in early autumn. Look also at the time of payment of prizes, bonuses, etc.: to go after their receipt, and not before. Don't count on the honesty of the employer.
Select the best method of dismissal. Main options are usually two: at his own request and by agreement of the parties. In the first case, you will be able to withdraw its application before the date of termination of the employment contract and to remain, if the head will increase you in office or to increase salary. However, when dismissal you will receive only the calculation. In the second case you can also claim additional severance pay, the amount of which is sometimes considerable.