Last working day at dismissal

Many workers, regardless of their place of work and the structure of the organization, could not immediately determine what day is the last day of the dismissal.

In the case when such difficulties arise, the first step is to look at the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. And ask the organization if it agrees to the dismissal of the employee.

Article 80 of the Labor Code says that an employee is entitled to terminate the contract of employment by informing his employer in writing at least two weeks. At the end of this period the employee may cease work and to demand from the authorities of the calculation. It is also possible to dismiss a worker until the end of the notification period for dismissal, but only with the consent of the employer and the employee. The employer and employee may also come to an agreement and the specific date of dismissal.

In some cases, the authorities must terminate an employment contract on the date specified by the employee in the statement. These situations include the inability of the worker to continue their activities for various good reasons. For example, because enrollment in the UNIVERSITY or College on-campus, or moving, or due to retirement, etc.

The nuances associated with the dismissal

In article 84.1 of the Labor code of the Russian Federation said that, terminated the employment contract, the worker finishes its work in organizing the day of termination of the contract. This day will be his last work in the company. The only exception is if the worker, despite the official save them for the workplace, was not present there.

According to article 14 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the official date of the warning of the authorities of dismissal is the day following the filing of the application. Accordingly, the countdown of two weeks starts from that day.

That is, if the statement was provided to the Director for consideration by March 1, the countdown is two weeks, will start from March 2.

It is also important to remember that if the last working day becomes a day off, it is skipped, and the official last working day will be, for example, the Monday after the weekend. Or the first working day after the holidays.

When applying for granting an employee leave to further his (employee's) dismissal, last day of work will be the same as the last day of the holiday. This situation is possible only with the resignation of the employee, but not at the request of the employer.

It is important to remember that on the last working day, the authorities should provide the resigning of all documents related to his work in the organization. And at the written request of the employee to make the final payment.